The major nutrients that make up our daily intake are fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It is through these three macro-nutrients that we are able to get essential micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Although recently it has been a trend to adhere to a diet in which one of these three is eliminated, all three hold […]

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Weighing in on Weight

When most people decide to pursue a healthy lifestyle, the number they see on a scale is almost always a factor. Whether it is the driving force or a measurement tool, people care about their weight and expect it to change when they begin to live healthier. Although your weight is affected by what you […]

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What’s in your cart?

A blog about food would not be complete without addressing the way we get food (aka: the grocery store). Going to the grocery is unavoidable in today’s society. Even the people who buy most of their foods from local farmers market make a trip every once in awhile to get items specifically found in grocery […]

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The Latest Fads

There are dozens of diets on the market today, each advertising that they have the key to losing weight and keeping them off. However, most of these diets get a lot wrong in their recommendations. So, before jumping on the “Fad Diet” bandwagon, let’s take a little time to become educated about what they are […]

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Sports Nutrition for Dummies

**Disclaimer: this post is NOT only for athletes and people participating in sports.** (Okay, I’ll admit it, the title is a little cliche and a little misleading. But, hey, I just couldn’t think of anything more clever, so we’re going with it.) Instead of just athletes, this post is for people who are active and […]

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“Working out” the balance

“I worked out today, I deserve this donut.” “I haven’t run in two weeks, I can’t eat that.” “I’ve been eating so terribly, I can’t skip the gym at all.” We’ve probably all said or heard one of these quotes, or a variation of them, many times. And honestly, it makes sense. Eating right and […]

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Why The Scale Doesn’t Matter

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve always disliked scales. I’ve had a battle with them. For some reason, I used to think that the number that popped up determined my self-worth. I would instantly feel worse about myself if I jumped on the scale and had gained a few pounds. Until one day, […]

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