Fueling your kitchen

Although we try to keep this blog from becoming simply a cooking and recipe source, sometimes it is helpful to be given some dietitian-approved recipes that are great for snacks or meals at home or on the go. So here are four of our favorites that don’t take long to make, are filled with all […]

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Come As You Are

This week is in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The theme for this week is “Come As You Are.” Although this sounds so simple, with it comes a heavy challenge that is difficult to put into practice. Every day, men and women alike are surrounded by pictures of “ideal bodies” and pressures to […]

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Color Coding

It is not uncommon in the world of health and wellness to hear tips like “put colors on your plate” or “eat the rainbow.” These are great tips and are super helpful to follow. However, knowing the reasoning behind these recommendations make them so much easier to follow. So here’s a helpful list of what […]

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The Hunger Scale

A foundation for a healthy lifestyle lies in what you eat and how much you eat of it, that much is obvious. The hard part lies in the practical choices of knowing when to start and stop eating. The key to this is to learn how to eat intuitively. Intuitive eating is a term used […]

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New Semester, New You

A new semester on campus has begun, and with it come new year’s resolutions and spring break plans. Although the first few weeks can be overwhelming, and a new schedule can drain you mentally and physically, the beginning of a new semester is a great time to start new habits and rid yourself of old […]

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Nutrients and calculators

Let’s be honest, our bodies can be confusing. Especially when it comes to hunger. Some days, it seems as though we aren’t hungry at all, and then the next day it seems as though we eat and eat and eat, yet are never satisfied. It just doesn’t make sense. If our bodies burn a set […]

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What’s with the titles?

All over the internet people are boasting with advice about foods. It seems as though everyone nowadays has some type of expertise about what you are putting in your mouth, and they want to share. Often, advice comes from people with titles and letters after their names. However, not all titles and letters are created […]

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Toxic Detoxes

In these few days after Thanksgiving, many people face the temptation to drastically change the way they eat for a few days in order to “detox” their bodies and “cleanse” themselves from all of the junk food they may have eaten over the past several days. It’s seems natural that after you’ve eaten a lot […]

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