Why The Scale Doesn’t Matter

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve always disliked scales. I’ve had a battle with them. For some reason, I used to think that the number that popped up determined my self-worth. I would instantly feel worse about myself if I jumped on the scale and had gained a few pounds. Until one day, […]

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Shame on the Shamers

We’ve all seen them… those tabloid magazines with the big headlines, “SHE’S GAINED 40 POUNDS!” or “SHE CAN”T STOP EATING,” accompanied by a picture of a celebrity. Maybe we pay attention to them, maybe we don’t. These magazines are one of the extremist form of body shaming, and most of the time we brush them […]

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Is there Gender in Food?

I was recently at a 10k where they were giving out protein bars specifically formulated for men and protein bars specifically formulated for women at the finish line. This got me thinking about these products. Are they really formulated for a specific gender? Or is this just a marketing gimmick designed to make us think we […]

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Mindful Eating

How many of you guys have been here? Waiting for the TV to load so you can sit down and eat your meal? Or, the opposite scenario…you’re having an extremely busy day, you’ve forgotten to eat, so you rush through the drive-thru, only to end up cramming food in your mouth while waiting in rush […]

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Nutrition Basics

I have had a lot of people approach me and tell me that they know literally nothing about nutrition. This is, of course, a shock to me, but in reality, it is probably more common than not. The truth is, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to nutrition. There’s so much […]

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